New Mom Essentials

It’s easy to forget about mom when you’re wrapped up in getting so many items for your new little one.  Here are some things I could not live without.  It’s nice to get these things before you have the baby so you don’t have to run around afterward.  Some of these things are specific to vaginal birth.

Prepare food.  Prepare and freeze food ahead of time to limit cooking and take out.
Large sanitary pads
Witch Hazel Pads.  You will put these on top of the sanitary pads for pain.
Stool softener. 
Ask for this in the hospital immediately after birth and continue at home until pain is bearable when go #2.
Cheap cotton undies (7+).  These will get stained and you will shrink out of them, so just get a cheap 7 pack.
Cheap padded bras w/out underwire (3-4). You can pick these up for around $10 at Target.
Yoga pants.  Soft pants with elastic that you can wear out of the house and in the house and not look like a total slob.
Dry shampoo.  Showering becomes limited, keep yourself looking halfway decent with dry shampoo.
Sleep mask.  I had a hard time napping during the day and these help a lot.

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