Non-essential Essentials for Baby

When you are searching for baby items, you will be bombarded with lists that go on and on and include a ton of things that you do not need.  Here are the things I found to be a waste of money:

Big Bulky Stroller.  You do not need the expensive coordinating stroller that matches the car seat.
Wipes Warmer.  Room temperature wipes work just fine.
Nursing Pads.  I could not get these to stay in place and you could see them right through my shirt.  I ended up using tons of non-underwire padded bras and just washed them frequently.
Nursing Pillow. I found the Boppy to be way too big and bulky, and a small throw pillow was much better for me.
Diaper Bag.  I just used a bigger purse.  Also keep extra diapers/wipes and change of clothes in the car.
Baby Nail Clippers. Regular nail clippers and files work just fine.
Baby Thermometer. I have wasted a ton of money trying to find a quick digital thermometer but always ended up using old school anal temp.
Shopping Cart Cover. Keep your baby in car set until sitting up then use wipes to wash before put baby in the cart.
Nursing Cover. A receiving blanket does the same thing and you already have it.
Bottle Warmer.  I used hot water in a mug, but maybe warmer would be nice, I never felt a need for it.
Baby Shoes.  Until your baby starts to walk just use socks.

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