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Don’t Dress Like a Stay at Home Mom

Moms, you don’t have to be ready to walk down the catwalk, but you can also do better than looking like you just got out of bed.  Here are some of my shortcuts and easy fashion fixes for moms:

1.  Shop online.  One of the best things for mom is the ability to shop online while the baby is asleep.  Lots of places have free shipping or free returns.  Some of my favorites include:

  •  free shipping and free returns with a huge selection
  •  wait for the free shipping and free returns promotions
  • (, etc.):  if you get the Banana Republic Credit Card and spend $800 in a year to be a luxe member, every order is free.  Even that $3 tshirt for the kids from
  •  I get about 90% of my clothes from  Wait for sales.

2.  Know your style.  Stick with what suits you, don’t try to be somebody else.  You have to be comfortable.

3.  Find a “uniform” that is stylish too.  I pretty much wear jeans and t-shirts every day.   I have my favorite jeans, and I get nice t-shirts from jcrew.  This is practical and comfortable for doing laundry and running the kids to soccer.

4.  Update.  Update your wardrobe every year with essentials.  Donate the stuff that is worn out and out of date, or doesn’t fit.  Be current with the trends.

5.  Spend your money on the things you wear every day.  It doesn’t make sense to spend $200 on a dress you wear once, and $20 on jeans or shoes you wear every day.

6.  Dress age-appropriate.  You may have looked good in that mini skirt and tube top 20 years ago, but not now.

7.  Skip the department stores.  It’s very easy to get lost in the sea of clothes at a huge store.  Shop in boutique stores that cater to your style.

8.  Don’t walk around in your sweatpants.  You’re not always coming from or going to the gym.  Unless you’re working out, just throw on a pair of pants.

9.  Get a great coat/jacket.  Even if you don’t have on a great outfit, the coat will speak for itself and pull you together.

10.  Skip the actual running shoes.  Unless you are going for a run, put on some shoes that don’t scream “comfort” or “convenience”.  A pair of fashion sneakers are fine.

11.  Get the right size.  Don’t wear something that used to fit.

12.  Dress for the occasion.  No need to overdo it or under do it.
tori spelling

5 thoughts on “Don’t Dress Like a Stay at Home Mom

  1. My Husband (who could care less about fashion) says to me yesterday,” What’s up with all the women wearing workout, athletic gear everywhere? Is that a thing now or are they all really coming to and from the gym?”

  2. Hahaha, I feel like I struggle with this on a rotating basis. I try to dress in a way that doesn’t make me feel frumpy, but I always end up back in my Carhartt’s and sweatshirts/t-shirts. Right now, I’m still just being comfortable in my maternity wear, counting down until uterine eviction day, but I’m kind of waiting to see what I gravitate back to once I’m small enough for normal clothes again 🙂

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