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Back to School Shopping 2.0

I do about 95% of my shopping online, and back to school is no exception.  It’s just too much to get all the kids in the car and traipse around the mall.  Here’s a rundown of the easiest way to get your kids everything they need.  If you have any other tips, leave me a comment!

1.  School Supplies.  I hit up Target in July (in person) and get most of the stuff the kids need.  Then I order the things we didn’t find or bulk items like glue sticks from Amazon (If you’re not already an Amazon Prime member do it now, it’s the best.).

2.  Backpacks.  LL Bean is the best.  My girls are going on year 3 with their bags and they are in excellent shape.  I just threw them in the washing machine this year and they are like new.

3. Clothes.  I start in July to catch as many sales as possible, and get it all online.   J Crew Crewcuts is my favorite by far.  I get as much as I can when they have the 30-40% off final clearance and free shipping.  For the new fall items, wait for the 25% off sale.  I also shop at GAP and Old Navy, again waiting for the sales on the items you need.  I have one daughter that requires the slim fit so I buy all her pants here.  I have a Banana Republic Luxe card, which gives me free shipping on every order.  Even when I just buy one thing it’s free ship.  Another favorite is Boden, wait for the free shipping and 10-20% off.  Keep in mind that when you buy name brand items you can recoup some of your money selling it on eBay when they grow out of it.

4.  Shoes.  Nothing is better than Zappos.  Huge selection, free overnight shipping and free exchanges or returns.  If you need a different shoe or size they will ship it to you immediately and you have two weeks to get the return back to them.

Easy Back to School Shopping

Easy Back to School Shopping

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