Girls Fall / Winter Shoe Collection

Girls Fall / Winter Shoe Collection
UGG & SOREL:  My girls shoes are similar to the boys in that they both have:  UGG boots, and Sorel Snow boots.  UGGs are amazingly comfy and warm, and not having to deal with socks is the best.   We have tried to save money with other brands but have not been happy with the quality.  I love the style of the Sorel Tofino – you can usually find them on sale.  Ours are on year 2 and then they will go to the younger sister.
Rain Boots:  I opted for the Hunter rain boots for my girls – they fit really well, do not slop around, and are adorable.  Since I have them myself, I now see the huge difference between Hunters and other heavy rain boots.  These will also be handed down and then sold on eBay.
Dress up Boot:  My favorite dress up boots for my girls are from Boden – currently on sale!  These fit really well, the leather is soft and durable and my girls say they are super comfortable.
Sneakers:  My daughter had her neon yellow Nike sneakers at school so I had to take a pic of the black ones – but a basic Nike sneaker is also essential.  We always do a style sneaker like these purple Converse.
Black Flats:  These are essential for us because of church, school concerts, etc.  We have a metallic toe Kensie Girl, also on sale.

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