The LA MER Challenge – Is it Worth it?

Have you seen this line of skin products and their prices?  One oz. of LA MER moisturizing cream is $155.00, and it costs $185 for .5 oz of the eye cream!  If you have about $2K to spend, you could get 16 oz. of the cream.

Could it possibly be worth the price?  Will my skin look 10 years younger?  I have been very curious about this cream so I decided to give it a try.  I bought samples of the eye cream and the moisturizing cream off of eBay.  I paid $11.95 for .11 oz of the moisturizing cream, and $8.95 for  3ml of eye cream.  They are the tiniest baby sized samples – as seen in my hand.

La Mer

Baby sized samples of La Mer Eye Cream and Moisturizing Cream.

I am going to use this for a month (we’ll see how long the samples last) and test out to see if there is a noticeable difference in my skin.  After using it 2 times, I can tell you that my skin feels amazing.  It really feels like it infuses into my skin, like actually moisturizing it from the inside, not just sitting on the outside of my skin.  I’m already feeling like it’s worth the price!  Oh no – what have I gotten myself into?  Would I even spend hundreds?

Has anyone used these products?

15 thoughts on “The LA MER Challenge – Is it Worth it?

    • You’re right! I’m really loving it so far – my husband noticed a difference today. When I told him what I was doing and how much it was he said “You get what you pay for.” I think he might be right.

    • I really see a difference. It totally rehydrated my skin. Makes all the little fine lines smoother, and my eyelids are even lifting back up! My husband said “just buy it – use it on your neck, too.”

  1. Hey! I worked in L’Occitane for a few months and we were given their Divine Cream. I know a lot of our customers came in and said they prefered the Divine/Immortelle range. It is so much cheaper, that might be a viable option?

    I know my skin is younger than yours, but I’m putting up my review soon. Plus L’occitane have outlet stores and give out samples all the time, maybe you could try that because I know La Mer is expensssiiivee :3

  2. I just received the lip balm with the same samples as you. I am excited to see if there will be any difference. I feel bad for my bank account if there is!!

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