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5 thoughts on “JCREW Wish List February 2014

  1. That all looks really fun. I am getting to the point where I need to re-think my wardrobe. I have a few items that I wear over and over and I feel the frump. I saw your post in my inbox and at first wasn’t going to look at it because I tend not to be too terribly interested in things of the fashion nature, but I’m glad I did. I need to start squirreling away some money to dress myself better!! I’ve been reading Valerie’s posts on being a wife so I’ve got the “sexy wife” bug 😉

    • That’s really sweet of you to take the time to read and comment. I hope it is inspiring! The real key is to get basic things that you LOVE and can wear them a lot. Think about how much you will wear it, not just how much it costs. For me it has to be comfortable, stylish and great quality. Check out JCREW today – 50% off final sale!

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